Principal Investment

We cover both equity and credit strategies. We rapidly and effectively evaluate, analyse, underwrite and price transactions. Transactions include individual assets and loans or portfolios which are financed through capital raised from investors and financing partners in the form of both equity and debt.
Co-investors and partners include bank trading desks, public and private equity funds and credit funds.
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Acquisition of non-performing assets & loans

We acquire non-performing loans – portfolios of loans from Europe’s deleveraging banks.

We acquire loans in their entirety or co-invest alongside other investors, but always retain operational control of the workout. We employ our respective skills in the fields of capital raising, investment organisation/sourcing, asset and loan servicing/workout and transaction pricing.
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New debt origination

We originate senior and mezzanine debt and preferred equity to facilitate the acquisition of assets and refinancing of existing loans.

We target opportunities which take advantage of inefficient market clearing and opportunistic risk-return dynamics. We work with a discreet number of capital partners with a broad range of lending objectives and return profiles. We target lending opportunities that do not fit the narrow parameters of traditional lenders in the UK and Europe. We specialise in small balance lending <€50 million and loans underpinned by transactional assets.
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Private Equity Investment

We acquire direct real estate using a combination of private equity and debt finance.

We take advantage of inefficient markets and find opportunities to create value through aggregating complementary real estate portfolios or breaking-up poorly constructed legacy portfolios, where the sum of the parts is greater than that of the whole. We have developed strategies focused on specific sectors and geographies and executed individual transactions.
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