Principal Finance

Strategies leverage off our competitive advantages, principally the strength of our infrastructure with its ability to provide optimal sourcing, valuation and hands-on operational expertise. Our involvement can take on a variety of different forms: as investor, co-investor, operating partner or originator.  CR Logo Icon

Private Equity Strategies

Creation of value within investment themes by using the insight afforded by our pan-European platform. A variety of strategies are employed and targeted at specific situations, sectors, geographies or asset classes.

Special Situations

Provision of bespoke and often hybrid facilities. The typical leverage and complexity of these transactions and their often operationally-intensive business plans renders them unsuited to traditional investors or lenders. Structures include senior and mezzanine debt, and preferred equity.

Non-Core Loan Acquisitions

Acquisition of non-core loans, including non-performing and sub-performing loans. These may be sourced directly from de-leveraging banks or the secondary market. We are involved in the process of sourcing, pricing, execution, servicing and resolution. We participate in various formats as investors, co-investors, or operating partners.