CR Strategic Assets

From future living and working spaces, IT solutions, research and analysis methodology, through vertical farming and one of the most prestigious business clubs in Europe.

The CR Group strategically invests in companies active and successful in the real estate sector.

We collaborate across our ecosystem of partner organizations to create shared value and innovation.

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Meet Deutsche Habitat.

Deutsche Habitat develops low-cost and affordable living spaces with environmentally sound architecture and the housing of the future.

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Creating affordable living spaces.

Deutsche Habitat pioneers sustainable and future-oriented construction and community buildings. The focus is on large-volume residential uses, in growing economic areas as investment products for institutional investors.

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The team

Deutsche Habitat is managed by Hans-Peter Werner (Managing Partner) and Jens Kulicke (Managing Director). Over the past decades, the team has successfully realized around 1 million square meters of usable space.

Deutsche Habitat Team

Deutsche Habitat GmbH

Hardenbergstraße 28a
10623 Berlin

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Meet neworld.

As a strategic investor, neworld offers growth capital and investment expertise to companies active in urban working and living environments of the future.

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Creating groundbreaking property concepts.

Megatrends are changing our world and thus the requirements for the buildings in which we live, work and want to spend our leisure time.

neworld thinks today so you can live tomorrow. The companies in its portfolio seek to innovate the areas where human co-existence can be optimised in the future. From serviced apartments, co-living, education, office-as-a-service, healthcare and elderly living through to urban farming.

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The team

Alexander Lackner and Philipp Jurisch are heading neworld as managing partners. They are ready for the next urban revolution.

neworld Team

neworld GmbH

Arndtstraße 15
60325 Frankfurt

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Meet Cloudbrixx.

Cloudbrixx offers a multifunctional software for integrated construction and the real estate management market.

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Modular, mobile, adaptable. This is how you create value with cloud software.

Cloudbrixx develops customized solutions from the planning and construction phase to building operation and property management, thereby covering the entire real estate life cycle. The company is a technology partner of CR and one of the CR Group’s financial investments.

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The team

Cloudbrixx is managed by Marc Mockwitz and Helge Winter (Managing Partners). Combined they have more than 15 years of experience in asset and property management and more than 10 years of experience in selling SaaS products in the financial services sector.

Cloudbrixx Team

Cloudbrixx GmbH

Oberlindau 3
60323 Frankfurt

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To be continued ...